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Bridging the gap between Enterprise Resource Planning and the Shop Floor through S-MOM System

    Date      Tuesday, 30 June 2020
  Time      10:30am - 12:00pm
Venue     Webinar
Note: This is a non-chargeable webinar. Registration is required for participants to receive the webinar link. Please register your full name so that we can better address you.


For companies operating in a High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) manufacturing environment, or in any general production environment, there is always a well-known gap between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the Shop Floor. SIMTech's Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM) system is an integrated Planning, Scheduling and Tracking solution that will bridge this gap.

This webinar will address common challenges such as: 
  • Poor shop floor visibility, due to inadequate work order progress and machine status update, as most ERP implementation ignore the shop floor detailed execution scenarios and modelling it as ‘black box’ from the raw materials to the finished good without any intermediate process steps.
  • Unable to provide more accurate delivery date commitment to your customer because of the poor visibility of your available capacity and current commitment and therefore, quoting based on standard lead time
  • Unable to provide an update to customer inquiries and need to send Expediter/Planner down to then shop floor to locate a particular work order physically
  • Machines in the shop floor are underutilized

This webinar aims to provide participants with knowledge and solution on the productivity improvement in the daily production planning, scheduling and shop floor tracking activities and the order fulfillment process through SIMTech's Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM) System.

Recommended for Production Supervisor, Industrial Engineering Engineer, Production Engineer,
Planners, Schedulers, Production Managers, Production Control Managers, and other professionals involved in Production Planning & Scheduling activities in discrete manufacturing industries, (e.g. Precision Engineering, Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive, etc.)

10.30am Welcome & Overview of SIMTech & MPTC
by Mr Wong Ming Mao, Deputy Director, MPTC
10.40am Overview of SIMTech's Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM) System
by Mr Chua Tay Jin, Initiative Lead
11.00am S-MOM System Demonstration 
by Mr Ngoh Sisui, Research Engineer & Mr Lin Xinlin, Research Engineer
11.30am Q&A

For more information, please contact

Mr Chua Tay Jin
Principal Research Engineer II
Lead, HMLV Initiative




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